Utah Prairie Dog Habitat Credits Exchange
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LocationIron , Utah
Service Area: Iron (Utah)
Date Established01/10/2012
Size 93 acres
Agreement Type: Conservation Banking Agreement
Lead Agency: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Bank hopes to sell credits by Spring 2011. "Erica Wightman, program coordinator for the Utah Prairie Dog Habitat Credits Exchange & Safe Harbor Programs, an organization that uses ecosystem banking principles to promote conservation easements on private land to shelter threatened prairie dogs, says her organization plans to expand from compulsory to voluntary by market and list credits on Mission Markets Earth." (August 2010 EM article: http://www.ecosystemmarketplace.com/pages/dynamic/article.page.php?page_id=7682).
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Utah Prairie Dog
Credits AwardedData Unavailable
Credits SoldData Unavailable
Asking PriceData Unavailable
Credit Ratio2:1
Ecological PrescriptionData Unavailable
Service Area (Counties)Iron
Service Area