Species Profile
Blunt-nosed Leopard Lizard
Species Details
Common NameBlunt-nosed Leopard Lizard
Scientific NameGambelia Silus
Federal Listing StatusEndangered
Federal Regulating AgencyU.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
State Listing StatusEndangered (CA)
State Regulating AgencyCalifornia Department of Fish and Game
IUCN Red List StatusEndangered A1ce (1996)
- Coles Levee Ecosystem Preserve
- Kern Water Bank Authority Conservation Bank

Species Range
The blunt-nosed leopard lizard is found only in the San Joaquin Valley. Although the boundaries of its original distribution are uncertain, the species probably ranged from Stanislaus County in the north to the Tehachapi Mountains of Kern County in the south, and from the Coast Range mountains, Carrizo Plain and Cuyama Valley in the west to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in the east. The currently occupied range consists of scattered parcels of undeveloped land on the valley floor, most commonly annual grassland and valley sink scrub. In the southern San Joaquin Valley, extant populations are known to occur in the following locations: Kern and Pixley National Wildlife Refuges Liberty Farms, Allensworth and Antelope Carrizo and Elkhorn plains Buttonwillow, Elk Hills and Tupman Essential Habitat Areas north of Bakersfield around Poso Creek western Kern County around the towns of Maricopa, McKittrick and Taft The lizard inhabits open, sparsely vegetated areas of low relief on the valley floor and the surrounding foothills. It also inhabits alkali playa and valley saltbush scrub. In general, it is absent from areas of steep slope, dense vegetation, or areas subject to seasonal flooding.
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