Species Profile
Burke's Goldfield
Species Details
Common NameBurke's Goldfield
Scientific NameLasthenia Burkei
Federal Listing StatusEndangered
Federal Regulating AgencyU.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
State Listing StatusEndangered (CA)
State Regulating AgencyCalifornia Department of Fish and Game
- Alton North Conservation Bank
- Laguna Mitigation Bank
- Swift/Turner Conservation Bank
- Wikiup Conservation Bank
- Wright Preservation Bank

Species Range
Burke's goldfiled is a vernal pool species and known only from southern portions of Lake and Mendocino counties and from northeastern Sonoma County. Historically, 39 populations were known from the Cotati valley, 2 sites in Lake county, and one site in Mendocino County. The occurrence in Mendocino County is most likely extirpated. From north to south in the Cotati Valley, the species ranges from north of the community of Windsor to east of the city of Sebastopol.
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