Species Profile
California Black Rail
Species Details
Common NameCalifornia Black Rail
Scientific NameLaterallus Jamaicensis Coturniculus
State Listing StatusThreatened (CA)
State Regulating AgencyCalifornia Department of Fish and Game
IUCN Red List StatusNear Threatened (2006)
Relevant International RegulationMigratory Bird Treaty Act (Applicable to Canada, Mexico, and Russia)
- Kimball Island Mitigation Bank

Species Range
Distribution of the California black rail includes the remaining tidal marshlands of the northern San Francisco Bay estuary, Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay, Bolinas Lagoon, Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, coastal southern California at Morro Bay, the Salton Sea, and lower Colorado River area. Only isolated populations have been documented in southeastern California and western Arizona. In 1994, a population of the rail was found in the Sierra foothills east of Marysville. Further surveys of these foothills discovered several, scattered populations extending north of Chico in Butte County south through Nevada County. The historic distribution of the California black rail ranged from the San Francisco Bay Area and the delta of the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers south along the coast to northern Baja California, in the San Bernardino-Riverside area, at the Salton Sea, and along the lower Colorado River north of Yuma in California and Arizona.
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