Species Profile
Longfin Smelt
Species Details
Common NameLongfin Smelt
Scientific NameSpirinchus Thaleichthys
State Listing StatusSpecies of Special Concern (CA)
State Regulating AgencyCalifornia Department of Fish and Game
- Kimball Island Mitigation Bank

Species Range
Populations of longfin smelt in California have been present in the Sacramento-San Joaquin estuary, Humboldt Bay, the Eel River estuary, and the Klamath River estuary. Spawning longfin smelt have been recorded from the Van Duzen River in the Eel River drainage. In the Sacramento-San Joaquin estuary, longfin smelt are rarely found upstream of Rio Vista or Medford Island in the Delta. Adults occur seasonally as far downstream as South Bay but they are concentrated in Suisun, San Pablo, and North San Francisco bays. They are rarely collected outside the estuary. The southernmost record of the species range is a single fish from Monterey Bay. Outside of California, longfin smelt are found from Coos Bay, Oregon, to Prince William Sound, Alaska. Landlocked populations occur in Lake Washington, Washington, and Harrison Lake, British Columbia.
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