Species Profile
Rush-like Bristleweed
Species Details
Common NameRush-like Bristleweed
Scientific NameMachaeranthera Juncea
- Old Castle Road Conservation Bank

Species Range
Rush-like bristleweed is found in San Diego County, California and Baja California, Mexico. In San Diego County, it is found in chaparral along Highway 94 near Jamul, and in similar habitat off Montanya Drive near Lilac Road. It Grows with some abundance on steep chaparral slopes in Lee Valley and is rare in similar habitats in nearby Rancho Jamul, north of Chocolate Summit Road in Alpine, and north of Bermuda Lane in El Cajon. Typically, only small numbers of this species are found at any single site. It grows along disturbed trails at Swartz County Regional Park, and is occasional on the south flanks of Viejas Mountain, near Poway Grade not far from its intersection with Highway 67, in the rugged hills south of Japatul Valley Road, and north of the freeway in Alpine.
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