Species Profile
Swainson's Hawk
Species Details
Common NameSwainson's Hawk
Scientific NameButeo Swainsoni
State Listing StatusThreatened (CA)
State Regulating AgencyCalifornia Department of Fish and Game
IUCN Red List StatusLeast Concern (2004)
Relevant International RegulationCITES Appendix II ,Migratory Bird Treaty Act (Applicable to Mexico and Russia)
- Bryte Ranch Conservation Bank
- Burke Ranch Conservation Bank
- Coles Levee Ecosystem Preserve
- Cosumnes River Conservation Bank
- Deer Creek Swainson's Hawk Preserve
- Dolan Ranch Conservation Bank
- Elsie Gridley Mitigation Bank
- Jenny Farms Conservation Bank
- Laguna Creek Conservation Bank
- Laguna Terrace East Conservation Bank
- Mariner Vernal Pool Conservation Bank
- Mountain House Conservation Bank
- River Ranch Swainson's Hawk Preserve
- Toad Hill Ranch Mitigation Bank
- Van Vleck Ranch Mitigation Bank
- Wildlands Mitigation Bank

Species Range
Swainson's hawks were once found throughout lowland California and were absent only from the Sierra Nevada, north Coast Ranges and Klamath Mountains, and portions of the desert regions of the State. Today, Swainson's hawks are restricted to portions of the Central Valley and Great Basin regions where suitable nesting and foraging habitat is still available. Central Valley populations are centered in Sacramento, San Joaquin, and Yolo counties. During historical times (ca. 1900), Swainson's hawks may have maintained a population in excess of 17,000 pairs. Based on a study conducted in 1994, the statewide population is estimated to be approximately 800 pairs.
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