Species Profile
Tipton Kangaroo Rat
Species Details
Common NameTipton Kangaroo Rat
Scientific NameDipodomys Nitratoides Nitratoides
Federal Listing StatusEndangered
Federal Regulating AgencyU.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
State Listing StatusEndangered (CA)
State Regulating AgencyCalifornia Department of Fish and Game
IUCN Red List StatusLower Risk near threatened (1996)
- Coles Levee Ecosystem Preserve
- Kern Water Bank Authority Conservation Bank

Species Range
The historical geographic range of Tipton kangaroo rats was over 1.7 million acres. Distribution was limited to arid-land communities occupying the valley floor of the Tulare Basin in level or nearly level terrain. By 1985, the inhabited area had been reduced, primarily by cultivation and urbanization, to about 60 thousand acres, only about 4 percent of the historical acreage. Current occurrences are limited to scattered, isolated areas. In the southern San Joaquin Valley this includes the Kern National Wildlife Refuge, Delano, and other scattered areas within Kern County. In Kings County, two populations of San Joaquin kangaroo rats have been found on about 371 acres in 1994 and 1995. One site, Lemoore Naval Air Station, is 97 acres. Whether these populations belong to the Fresno or Tipton subspecies is uncertain but historically their ranges were contiguous.
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