Species Profile
Utah Prairie Dog
Species Details
Common NameUtah Prairie Dog
Scientific NameCynomys Parvidens
Federal Listing StatusThreatened
Federal Regulating AgencyU.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
IUCN Red List StatusConservation Dependent
- Horse Valley Mitigation Bank
- Utah Prairie Dog Conservation Bank
- Utah Prairie Dog Habitat Credits Exchange

Species Range
The range is restricted to an area of about 1,850 square kilometers in southern Utah. Prior to control programs, the range reportedly extended from Pine and Buckskin valleys in Beaver and Iron counties (perhaps west to Modena in Iron County), north to at least Salina Canyon and near Gunnison in Sevier County (possibly to Nephi), south to Bryce Canyon National Park, and east to the foothills of the Aquarius Plateau (Collier 1974, Pizzimenti and Collier 1975, McDonald 1997). More recently, this species occurred in substantial populations in only three areas: the Awapa Plateau, along the east fork of the Sevier River, and in eastern Iron County; the grass and Sevier river valleys, plus three small, widely separated mountain valleys have small populations (Collier 1974, Pizzimenti and Collier 1975). The species is scarce or absent in the Aquarius Plateau, Fremont and Paria valleys, and Salina Canyon (Collier 1974, Pizzimenti and Collier 1975).
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