Species Profile
Western Burrowing Owl
Species Details
Common NameWestern Burrowing Owl
Scientific NameAthene Cunicularia Hypugaea
IUCN Red List StatusLeast Concern (2004)
Relevant International RegulationMigratory Bird Treaty Act (Applicable to Mexico and Russia)
- Agua Fria Multi-Species Conservation Bank
- Brushy Creek Conservation Bank
- Bryte Ranch Conservation Bank
- Byron Conservation Bank
- Dolan Ranch Conservation Bank
- Elsie Gridley Mitigation Bank
- Haera Wildlife Conservation Bank
- Jenny Farms Conservation Bank
- Laguna Creek Conservation Bank
- Mountain House Conservation Bank
- Wildlands Mitigation Bank

Species Range
Burrowing owls in California historically ranged throughout the Central Valley. They were found in suitable habitat in coastal areas from Marin County south to the Mexican border, and sparsely inhabited desert areas in the northeastern and southeastern portions of the state. Densities of owls in some areas of the state have increased with intensive agriculture, such as in the Imperial Valley, southern Central Valley, and lower Colorado River Valley.
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