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Number of Banks105
Number Acres Preserved71,754.22
Califonia is the birth place of conservation banking, and as such has a relatively thriving market. Demand for species habitat credits is created by compiance to the Federal Endangered Species Act, The California Endangered Species Act, and the Califonia Environmental Quality Act. In California's State Wildlife Action Plan, the appendix covering conservaton on private lands mentions conservation banking as an option.

State Wildlife Action Plan
- SWAP Website
- Summary Action Plan
- Full Action Plan
Banks inCalifornia 105
- Agua Fria Multi-Species Conservation Bank
- Allensworth Conservation Bank
- Alton North Conservation Bank
- Alton South Conservation Bank
- Arroyo Seco Mitigation Bank
- Barry Jones (aka Skunk Hollow) Wetland Mitigation Bank
- Beach Lake Mitigation Bank
- Big Gun Conservation Bank
- Blackburn Conservation Bank
- Brushy Creek Conservation Bank
- Bryte Ranch Conservation Bank
- Burke Ranch Conservation Bank
- Byron Conservation Bank
- Cajon Creek Habitat Conservation Management Area
- Campbell Ranch Conservation Bank
- Carinalli-Todd Road Mitigation Bank
- Carlsbad Highlands Conservation Bank
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Alameda whipsnake Baker's stickyseed
Bakersfield cactus Bakersfield Saltbush
Ben Lomond's buckwheat Ben Lomond's spineflower
Blunt-nosed leopard lizard Bogg's Lake hedge hyssop
Bonny Doon manzanita Brittlescale
Burke's goldfield Butte county meadowfoam
California black rail California red-legged frog
California tiger salamander Chinook salmon
Coastal California gnatcatcher Conservancy fairy shrimp
Contra Costa goldfields Curly-leaved monardella
Delhi Sands Flower-Loving Fly Delta green ground beetle
Delta smelt Delta tule pea
Dwarf downingia Eastwood's Manzanita
Gaviota tarplant Giant garter snake
Giant kangaroo rat Golden eagle
Greene's Tuctoria Heartscale
Least Bell's vireo Legenere
Longfin smelt Mason's lilaeopsis
Mount Hermon June Beetle Northwestern pond turtle
Orange-throated whiptail Otay tarplant
Palmate-bracted bird's beak Quino Checkerspot
Rufous-crowned sparrow Rush-like Bristleweed
Sacramento Orcutt grass Sacramento splittail
San Bernadino kangaroo rat San Diego thornmint
San Joaquin kit fox San Joaquin orcutt grass
Sanford's arrowhead Santa Ana River woolly star
Santa Cruz monkeyflower Santa Cruz wallflower
Sebastopol meadowfoam slender Orcutt grass
Slender-horned spineflower Sonoma sunshine
Steelhead Stephens' kangaroo rat
Succulent owl's clover Suisun aster
Suisun song sparrow Swainson's hawk
Tipton kangaroo rat Tricolored blackbird
Valley elderberry longhorn beetle Vernal pool fairy shrimp
Vernal pool tadpole shrimp Western burrowing owl
Western pond turtle Western spadefoot toad
Yellow-breasted chat Zayante Band-winged grasshopper
Coho Salmon