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Both Federal and State wildlife agencies support species conservation banking as a mitigation tool in Florida. The US Fish and Wildlife Service Vero Beach Office permits species banks for speices like the Florida Scrub jay and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FFWCC) permits banks for State listed speices such as the Gopher tortoise. The FFWCC also has a Mitigation Park Program that is essentially an in lieu fee fund that pays for the purchase of publicly-owned regional mitigation parks. Florida's Department of Transportation is interested in developing multi-speices banks to help meet their on-going mitigation needs. Florida's State Wildlife Action Plan promotes the use of mitigation banking. It mentions nothing specific to species credit banking.

State Wildlife Action Plan
- SWAP Website
- Summary Action Plan
- Full Action Plan
Banks inFlorida 4
- Florida Panther Conservation Bank
- Florida Panther Conservation Bank II
- Morgan Lake Wales Preserve
- Scrub Conservation Bank
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Florida panther Florida scrub jay
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