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Oregon has several speices banks under development. A main driver for conservation banks in Orgeon has been the Oregon Department of Transportation's statewide species and wetland mitigation banking strategy. There are now mitigation banking companies and private land owners proposing banks. Speices for mitigation credits include Vernal pool fairy shrimp and Oregon chub. Interestingly, the banks will be established under the authority of the Clean Water Act, Section 404, not the Endagered Speices Act. There is also quite an effort to devolp a multi-resouce accounting system that woud encourage the conservation of the state's ecosystems and their services. This accounting system would bring multiple environmental markets (such as carbon biosequestration, water quality, and species and wetland mitigation) together on one trading platform. Groups working on this effort include: the Willamette Partnership, Defenders of Wildlife, Parametrix, URS, OSU's Institute for Natural Resources, among others. The Oregon State Wildlife Action Plan (SWAP) addresses the opportunites of habitat banking far more than any other SWAP. Oregon's plan recommends that the State expand conservation banking to a statewide approach, coordinate various state agencies, and establish reagional conservation banks.

State Wildlife Action Plan
- SWAP Website
- Summary Action Plan
- Full Action Plan
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- East Fork Minnow Creek Bank
- Rogue Valley
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